Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

We have been visiting Montreal nearly all of our lives. Our dad's family is all in this fabulous city. We were just up celebrating out grandmother's 90th birthday. As always we ventured around the city to a bunch of wonderful spots. See below!

Our 1st stop is usually Marche Jean-Talon. This is a wonderful out door market (open in seasonally). Beautiful produce is on full display. There isn't too much organic sadly but you can find a few items. It will get your creative cooking ideas going!

While at Jean-Talon Market you must have a crepe at Creperie du Marche. These Crepes are amazing. They are all gluten free, made with buckwheat flour and filled with amazing combinations straight from the Jean-Talon market which surrounds it. Sweet, savory, vegan, or vegetarian they have all the option! (And meat too)

We love Bioterre, a great health food store in the Plateau area of the city. They have a wonderful selection of organic and healthy food. Its a great place to pickup supplies for your stay in Montreal. The staff is super friendly and welcoming as well. 

We love Rustique and it happens to be super toddler friendly! The coffees and teas and great but the baked goods are beyond!! We smelled this place before we saw in. There was a group of 7 toddlers playing in the front of the restaurant and everyone seemed happy as can be about it. They all were drinking hot chocolates and debating Frozen the Disney movie. It was such a nice relaxed environment as well as incredibly delicious! 

New York City

New York City is our second home! We went to early elementary school in the city and forever feel like this is our other home.  An added benefit is some of our closest friends have ended up living (or never left) the city. Its always a whirlwind adventure with not much sleep for always  very energizing.  

It took this trip to NYC to go to our first SoulCycle class. Our dearest friend Jenni is a borderline expert and Mica and I ended up doing 2 classes! We did a Taylor Swift theme class, then found out about a Beyonce class happening the next morning and it just felt wrong not to participate. I get what all the hype is about now! Those endorphins get going and you feel so dam good! I have also never really worked out while on vacation. I have always been more of the indulgent type of traveller, (booze, big long meals, etc.). But I have to say it was very nice to incorporate a little excerise into the vacation. 

We ventrured to Brooklyn one early evening. Talk out change! I mean We didn't live there too long ago but it might as well been the dark ages! We met out dear Friends Parsley and Sue for a drink on the roof of the Wythe Hotel. A bottle of rose and some cheese as the sun set makes for a perfect afternoon. 


Next up we had a lovely dinner at DOC a few blocks away. Parsely, Mica and I all studied abroad in Florence Italy for a year, so our happy place always involves Italian food and lots of wine.

Next up (because New York summer evenings should never end) we went to Hotel Delmano. Our friend Julia came to meet all of us we all enjoyed fancy cocktails. 


Venice CA


Ok so Jay Z and Beyoncé have been pictured eating at this Venice hotspot but for good reason. This place is delicious. Weather it’s for brunch, lunch or dinner this place offers some amazing plates. The salads are always fresh and inventive. Nothing boring comes out of this kitchen. If you are can’t grab a reservation or don’t want to wait 2 hours head to their to-go spot next door. 

1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Café Gratitude

What can we say about this institution? It’s vegan, organic, non GMO delicious food. Want to feel good and energized after eating? Head to this healthy spot in their chic Venice or Larchmont Blvd. locations. No wall tapestries here, just great food and the kind of people you want to do a yoga retreat with. Watch out for the question of the day. Some people get irked by a water asking you, “what centers you” but we always like to ponder the big questions of life. It helps when you have a glass of organic wine in hand. Be sure to order the dessert as these chefs really know how to create amazing vegan delights. 

The Canals of Venice

Venice Italy meets Venice California in this neighborhood filled with walk streets and canals. Wonder around and get lost in these streets. The homes are gorgeous and you may even feel like you are in another country. 

Walk the new Lincoln Blvd.

Everyone will tell you to walk Abbott Kinney but we want you to see all the new shops on Lincoln Blvd. between Superba and Venice Blvd. Start at General Store (1801 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291) and start walking south. You will hit up a great new kids toy store (Huzzah 2010 Lincoln Blvd) A very cute dog store (Bruno’s 2012 Lincoln Blvd.) and one of my favorite little eclectic shops (Hayley Starr 2122 Lincoln Blvd.). 

Afternoon snacks and wine at Zinque

This place just makes you feel like you are abroad at your favorite Neighborhood cafe. Cafe likes it so much she had her rehearsal dinner here for her wedding! You will be here sipping wines and eating delicious bites well into the night.

600 Venice Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90291