Tea, Please

My obsession with tea has only been intensified since finding David’s
Tea. Café first found this treasure on a trip to Montreal. Once I
moved to the Bay Area there happened to be a few in SF and a location
even in my small town of Burlingame.

Let me start off by saying that I love everything about this
establishment. This is a Canadian company which is awesome.  The
bright and clean store, the SUPER helpful employees and the amazing
selection of tea. This is not a grab your drink quickly establishment.
The David’s Tea experience includes talking to an employee about your
likes and dislikes. Are you looking for caffeine, something sweet or
fruity. With over a 100 different types of tea they have something for
everyone, seriously!

Some of my favorite tea are, Glitter and Gold (black tea), Blueberry
Jam (organic black tea), Forever Nuts (herbal tea), Oolong Milk Tea
(oolong tea) and Gold Rush (white tea). They also roll out seasonal
teas as well. Pumpkin Patch is one of my all time favorites, from the

Once you select the type of tea you can choose to have it as a tea
latte (my favorite) a regular tea, iced tea or a tea pop. A Tea pop is
where they use bubbly water to make it extra refreshing.

Tea is a wonderful addition to any day or evening. Some people love
having tea instead of dessert. I love sipping it with a health treat
in my hand. There are many healthy reasons to sip tea. It has been
noted that it can reduce risk of heart attacks, cancer, is filled with
antioxidants and can even keep your weight even. If one isn’t near you
they ship anywhere in the US and Canada.  http://www.davidstea.com

This past Saturday I tried a new tea latte called Strawberry Fields.
It is a black tea that has a strawberry fruity taste.  I took some
pictures below of my latest visit.