Recently Mica called me all excited about a 3 minute appointment she had. She had done a Cryotherapy appointment and LOVED it! The following weekend I found a great Juice/Cryotherapy shop called Renew Juicery.  It a sweet little shop in Culver City. The shop in front has a large array for amazing nursing juices and other health goodies. In the back is the cryo machine! They give you a robe, boots and mittens to wear while you are inside. Everything else gets taken off. Its such a great adrenaline rush and I honestly felt amazing after right away! Cryotherapy is a cold sauna where the chamber is filled with liquid nitrogen resulting in the temperature reaching -250 degrees Fahrenheit. The short extreme exposure this level of coldness boasts incredible anti aging and anti inflammatory properties. The 1st session is $35. The following ones are $70. You can do a month unlimited at $400! Mica loved her place in Palo Alto Called The Performist